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2Q18 Highlights


“The communications training session with WPNT Ltd. was the most useful I have ever had on the topic.  Really outstanding.”  

global business unit leader, medtech


“Game changing. I’m an avid user.”

C-suite executive, technology

We are grateful to have earned the trust and confidence of clients like those whose feedback is shown here. Read more about our work in 2Q18.  The period includes the busy investor conference season in the month of May. 

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What if Trump Led Rather than Boasted, Blamed and Bullied?

Recently featured in CEOWorld magazine, Stephanie Nora White penned, "What if Trump Led Rather than Bullied, Blamed and Boasted?" Read more of the complete commentary here, as well as "Teaching our Kids to Talk in a Screen Driven World: Practice” also authored by Stephanie. It emphasizes the urgent need to ensure practice opportunities in everyday life for children.

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Safeguarding Marine Life

Blue Sphere Foundation is working to protect West Papua, Indonesia, considered by experts to be the “crown jewel” of biodiversity. Read more about WPNTLtd.’s support of Blue Sphere’s efforts to safeguard the planet’s oceans and halt the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats.


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