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3Q17 Highlights

“The day could not have gone better. All of the execs came through and used a lot of the techniques you provided… 
Stock took off and the analysts and investors loved the event. Thank you again for all your wonderful help."

vice president, investor relations

That is a quote regarding WPNT Ltd. services provided in recent months. Read more about our firm’s work during 3Q17 here.

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Don't Count On An NFL Defense; Free Speech Rights Aren't Guaranteed In The Workplace

ESPN host Jemele Hill, Goldman Sachs president-turned presidential economic advisor Gary Cohn and fired Google engineer James Damore have all learned the same painful lesson in the past few month. Despite what many Americans may believe — and what unfolded at the start of a number of NFL games — there are few, if any, freedom of speech rights in the workplace. Read more about what WPNT Ltd.'s Stephanie Nora White and Rebecca Theim had to say on the topic in this Forbes article.


Supporting Disaster Relief

A series of natural disasters from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria to the repeated earthquakes in Mexico have devastated numerous Caribbean countries and U.S. Gulf state communities. Read more about WPNT Ltd. support for emergency response efforts.


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