Executive Communications Coaching

Through our work with many C-Suite executives and senior leaders across the globe, we’ve developed an advanced and intensive program that maximizes executive time and helps prepare your key executives to handle the heightened pressures and scrutiny they routinely face. This is our most sophisticated offering.

We understand your industry’s issues and the media environment, and we help you align your communications strategies with your business goals to move your business forward.

Each participant works closely with a WPNT coach and a select team of consultants as appropriate, including experienced corporate board members, former Wall Street executives and analysts, journalists, and others to elevate your communication skills.

Executive Presentation Skills Coaching & Speech Coaching

WPNT offers a graduated series designed to fully develop and refine your broader team’s communications skills. All coaching is customized to fit your particular needs.

We help you focus on using eye contact, voice, body language, visuals, and “strategic storytelling” for both internal and external audiences. One of the most important skills you gain is getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. You learn how to manage emotional audiences and stay in control in a wide variety of scenarios, including hostile and controversial situations.

With these enhanced skills, you are positioned for a strong, positive outcome to board meetings, industry presentations or government testimony.