Executive Media Coaching & Issues Management

Our media coaching programs enable you to leverage traditional and new media opportunities to your fullest advantage. You learn to move your business forward in print, broadcast, web-based and social media channels.

You understand the difference between the new vs. the old media culture and editorial processes, and you gain confidence and a sense of control in an often confusing and sometimes hostile arena.

Our Advanced Media Skills courses are valuable preparation for explaining complex or controversial positions. One of our most popular courses is Business Television where you are prepared to shine on any high-profile, high stakes interview or panel show.

Our Media Awareness Seminar provides excellent coaching for front line managers and others who are not normally called upon as spokespersons.

Analyst & Financial Communications Coaching

According to the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), regular earnings calls with Wall Street analysts is the norm for publicly traded companies. More recently, more than half of the 2,700 publicly traded companies affiliated with NIRI have "opened" their calls to financial media and individual investors.

The bottom line is your audience is growing. WPNT has several coaching programs to help you differentiate your company and move easily between quarterly conference calls, annual investor gatherings, small meetings with buy- and sell-side analysts, and other important situations. We also provide on-demand communications guidance and strategic counsel for corporate restructurings, IPO preparation and launch, financial media tours, meetings with credit ratings agencies, and all other aspects of investor outreach.

Your WPNT instructors include former Wall Street analysts, veteran investor relations professionals, and members of the financial trade media.

Stakeholder Engagement Coaching

Successful organizations recognize that effective, two-way communications with key constituencies is central to maintaining their license to operate and earning their license to grow.

WPNT’s customized Stakeholder Engagement Coaching curriculum helps leaders prioritize their stakeholder groups and learn how to establish common ground. We give executives and manager, subject matter experts, spokespersons, and third-party support personnel the skills needed to build consensus and mitigate opposition. Beyond employees, customers, investors and regulators, this is a list that includes fence-line neighbors, family members, competitors, business partners, legislators, NGOs, contractors, suppliers, and opinion leaders.

Depending upon your needs, on-camera exercises may include a private meeting with a ranking government official, discussions across the table with a city or regional council, an open house poster session with concerned neighbors, or a contentious town hall meeting with an aggrieved special interest group.

Having worked on the front lines of stakeholder relations for decades, our skilled trainers bring real world experience to the learning environment.

Strategic Social Media Coaching

Social media has become a powerful tool for every company and organization looking to connect directly with external audiences. It is a critical component of a fully-integrated communications strategy.  Yet, with the new medium comes a new take on the rules of engagement.

WPNT shows you how to remain consistent in message and tone to generate outstanding results and improve your bottom line. You learn the unique characteristics of social media dialogue and its editorial processes, as well as gain a sense of control in a constantly changing and sometimes unforgiving arena.

WPNT trainers are skilled veterans of integrated communications and social media community management.