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2Q17 Highlights

“Your counsel is very important to me, particularly, your strategic counsel on the annual meeting and board meeting prep. I greatly appreciate a partner committed to the firm’s and my success.” 

-CEO, global professional services firm a quote from a long-time client of WPNT Ltd.


  • A Silicon Valley tech company is among the new clients we supported in the quarter.


  • To improve their effectiveness on earnings calls, executive leadership team members of this Rocky Mountain-based infrastructure contracting company participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Analyst Communications Coaching. The program included team and private sessions. Read more.


Quarterly Highlights

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Weathering the Trump Presidency: Be Your Stakeholders' Go-To Source

The Trump Administration’s on-going political drama makes it easy to forget that not long ago, companies were the almost-daily subjects of Trump Twitter tirades. But corporate executives who assume they and their organizations are now off the hook should consider Trump’s mastery at creating distractions – and take this breather to plan for the real possibility that they could soon be back in the president’s Twitter crosshairs. Read More                                                          


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Scholarly pursuit

WPNT Ltd.’s Steve Johnson is pursuing college excellence as part of the Evanston Scholars program. He’s committed six years to seeing students through high school and college graduation.


Over the past year, WPNT Ltd.’s Steve Johnson has played mentor to a pair of Evanston Township High School students. One of them graduated this summer. Graduate Devenere pictured here with Steve is attending Columbia College in the fall to study music production.  Read More                     

Giving Back


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