Scholarly Pursuits

WPNT Ltd.’s Steve Johnson is pursuing college excellence as part of the Evanston Scholars program. He’s committed six years to seeing students through high school and college graduation. Read more. Over the past year, WPNT Ltd.’s Steve Johnson has played mentor to a pair of Evanston Township High School students. One of them graduated this summer. Graduate Devenere pictured here with Steve is attending Columbia College in the fall to study music production. The goal of the Evanston Scholars program is to see more students start AND finish college. Open to juniors, the program is built to support them for the six-year stretch to college graduation. The organization provides mentors and learning opportunities to bolster students’ support systems – improving their chances of obtaining a college degree. Steve continues to guide his other mentee Tyler with ACT/SAT testing and the application/financial aid process.  Tyler has an eye toward studying sports therapy at either Butler University for University of Wisconsin at Madison.

2Q17 Highlights

“Your counsel is very important to me, particularly, your strategic counsel on the annual meeting and board meeting prep. I greatly appreciate a partner committed

to the firm’s and my success.” 

                                                                                                                                             CEO, global professional services firm


 A quote from a long-time client of WPNT Ltd.  A Silicon Valley tech company is among the new client we supported in the quarter.

  • To improve their effectiveness on earnings calls, executive leadership team members of this Rocky Mountain-based infrastructure contracting company participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Analyst Communications Coaching. The program included team and private sessions.


  • In advance of its annual investor conference, WPNT Ltd. provided Rehearsal & Coaching to presenters at this global asset management firm. Audience members included pension fund and endowment managers, sovereign wealth representatives and high wealth individuals. Elsewhere in the firm, WPNT Ltd. supported leaders with Performance Review Communications.


  • Finance team members of this Silicon Valley Fortune 300 tech company participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Communications Coaching.


  • MBAs interning for this global chemical maker participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Presentation Skills Training.  The group is charged with finding growth opportunities for the company, and hope to receive job offers at the end of their terms.


  • Communications Clinic was held for consultants and partners of this professional services firm. Clinic is made available to those leaders who’ve completed the predicate, Executive Communications Coaching program. Clinic provides continuing development around real world scenarios.  In addition, a series of CEO vignettes were produced and aired in advance of his installation as the firm’s new leader.


  • With the goal to accelerate his development, a series of 1:1 executive coaching sessions for a high potential associate are underway at this Bay Area private equity firm.


  • Focusing on the satellite interview, journalists of this leading consumer finance company participated in a WPNT Ltd. Executive Media Training for the Content Expert program.


  • Graduate students of the Integrated Marketing Communications program atNorthwestern University benefitted from WPNT Ltd. insights and coaching   in advance of their final projects.  The students, from the U.S. and Asia, presented their findings to the CEO of this temperature monitoring device company. The devices are used for sensitive products such as vaccines.



■ Weathering the Trump Presidency: Be Your Stakeholders’ Go-To Source

The Trump Administration’s on-going political drama makes it easy to forget that not long ago, companies were the almost-daily subjects of Trump Twitter tirades. But corporate executives who assume they and their organizations are now off the hook should consider Trump’s mastery at creating distractions – and take this breather to plan for the real possibility that they could soon be back in the president’s Twitter crosshairs.

■ Need to Rescue Your Online Reputation? Here is What You Can Do

If a person likes your service, they will recommend you to a friend; if they leave dissatisfied, they will tell ten friends. That’s how the old saying goes, but that is no longer the case. With the increase in social media popularity, the number of people who can potentially learn about your bad reputation can count in thousands or even millions.

■ Is the Self-Serve Economy Costing Businesses More than It Saves?

Although consumers have grudgingly grown accustomed to providing their own customer service—whether at the bank, gas stations, grocery stores, public transit systems, airports and now even at restaurants, post offices and hospitals—there’s mounting evidence that this trend isn’t as good for business as many organizations bargained for.

■ Thought Leadership

Few preparations made in anticipation of a disaster pay bigger dividends than how the team communicates with the news media and the public during a disaster. Seamless and coordinated communication is as important as seamless and coordinated operations – both during the disaster and in the recovery stage. Communications and operations must work in tandem.