■ 3Q17 Highlights

3Q17 Highlights website.jpg

“The day could not have gone better.  
All of the execs came through and used a lot of the techniques you provided… 
Stock took off and the analysts and investors loved the event.  
Thank you again for all your wonderful help."

vice president, investor relations
“Thank you and the WPNT Ltd. team for the course.
 I thought it was wonderfully structured.  Great course!"

managing director
private equity

Those are quotes from clients regarding WPNT Ltd. services provided in recent months. Read more about our firm’s work during 3Q17 here.

  • The lead consumer relations representative for this national food maker participated in Consumer Relations Communications Coaching. Simulations were conducted with a WPNT Ltd. Associate who has been trained by the renowned The Second City improve troupe.  She played various consumers with different demographic and psychographic profiles.
  • WPNT Ltd. traveled to London and New York to assist the new executive leadership team in preparation for its first Investor Days.  Focus was placed on Team Choreography and Managing Q & A Strategically for C-suite and business unit leaders of this medical devices company.
  • A dozen emerging leaders of this Texas-based private equity firm participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Presentation Skills training.  The programs took place over three days and included private and team coaching components.
  • Final presentations on the team’s project charters were delivered to senior leadership by this technology company’s MBA interns. The team received coaching and rehearsal from WPNT Ltd. as it had for its midterm reviews.  The goal of the program for the candidates is to receive a job offer from the company based on their work.  All MBAs interns received offers. 
  • The CFO and managing directors of this West Coast private equity firm focused on investor and senior leadership audiences during a WPNT Ltd. Executive Communications Coaching program. 
  • In advance of his first annual meeting as the new CEO, WPNT Ltd. supported this professional services leader with private, Annual Meeting Rehearsal.  
  • First amendment rights in the workplace: Fact or fiction? Final edits are being made to an article on that topic authored by managing partner Stephanie Nora White and associate Rebecca Theim.  It will be featured in 4Q17.