Giving Back

■ Hurricanes Florence & Michael


As natural disasters become more frequent and powerful, response efforts are always increasing.  To assist the Red Cross in aiding victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael WPNT Ltd. is providing on-going financial support. Even weeks after the hurricane carrying record amounts of rain made landfall, rivers continue to rise and flooding has ensued.  Tens of thousand of residents have been displace in the Carolinas and Virginia. Entire livestock populations have been decimated. Officials say it will be months before the economies in those states are normalized.

■ Safeguarding Marine Life

West Papua, Indonesia—the epicenter of global marine diversity—is home to more species of fish and coral than anywhere else in the world. This largely untouched region also supports the second largest rainforest and the largest mangrove forest—a critical buffer to climate change.  But, its riches are a constant attraction for exploitation and recently, the region has come under increasing threat from marine and terrestrial pressures. Blue Sphere Foundation—in partnership with Conservation International— is working to engage local communities and politicians to protect the area.  WPNT Ltd. is providing financial support to the cause.

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