Quarterly Highlights

1Q19 Highlights

A busy first quarter is being followed by another moving at an even quicker pace. Here are some of the ways in which WPNT Ltd. supported clients in the healthcare, animal pharma, private equity, media and manufacturing space in the first quarter.

  • Stakeholder Communications messaging webinars, facilitated by WPNT Ltd. got underway for this eye care company in advance of its spin-off from a global pharma maker. The goal is to harmonize communications efforts with key audiences across North America, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Japan, and Latin America as the new company emerges. Relatedly, the executive leadership team underwent WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Media Training in preparation for related business media interviews including with CNBC.

  • WPNT Ltd. will find itself back at this international, materials machine maker in Q2 for more Customer Service Communications Coaching with the tech team. Members are challenged as the company is enjoying success and thus growing call volume while learning a new customer service IT system.

  • C-suite leaders of this international building contractor participated in an Executive Communications Coaching program with an eye toward an important analyst call. After undergoing significant reorganization and change, the team is working to build confidence with sell side analysts. The company is known for some of the most iconic structures around the world.

  • Three days of Executive Communications Coaching were completed for managers at this leading asset management firm. Elsewhere in the company, WPNT Ltd. aided with rehearsal coaching in advance of one of the firm’s annual investor conferences.

  • Bloggers and journalists of this internet travel site underwent Executive Media Training for the Content Expert. The team is seeking to widen its exposure and elevate its expertise across other media platforms.

  • Again in the quarter, WPNT Ltd. was retained to rehearse business leaders with their talks at this animal health company’s national sales meeting. The gathering regularly draws close to a thousand attendees.

  • In the spirit of continuous improvement and professional development, WPNT Ltd. attended this year’s SXSW Ideas Festival in Austin. The word heard throughout was ‘empathy,’ that being the need for it in AI and algorithms. Interesting as that is considered a key pathway to connection in communications.

4Q18 Highlights


“You rock. Your coaching was extraordinary and the way you boosted my confidence and capabilities was one of the best coaching interventions I’ve had in my 30-year career. Thank you for your support and brilliance.” — global business unit head, healthcare

“This was an intense, fantastic two days. One of the most useful training experiences of my career.” — global communications leader, medical devices

  • Communications leaders of this international medical device and bioscience leader near Chicago took part in a two-day, WPNT Ltd. Executive Media Training program. The program was designed not only around skill improvement, but strategies for strengthening their work as internal communications counselors with senior leadership. Two, WPNT Ltd. Press Corps members assisted with print interview simulations and submitted stories.

  • Customer Service Communications Coaching continues in 1Q19 for this Italy-based woodworking machinery & systems company, following sessions in 4Q18. The workshops took place at the U.S. headquarters outside Atlanta. Simulations were conducted by WPNT Ltd. Associate Doug Reitz whose background in voice over work and music performance brought real world nuance to the sessions.

  • WPNT Ltd. provided the talk for the inaugural event of this women’s affinity group in New York City. In addition to networking time, the group is making communications skills content part of their meetings. Elsewhere in this asset management firm and in advance of year-end evaluations, WPNT Ltd. provided Performance Review Coaching to managers in Ft. Worth. In San Francisco, Executive Communications Coaching and Communications Clinics were held for emerging leaders.

  • In advance of investor conferences at the New York Stock Exchange and in London, WPNT Ltd. conducted Executive Communications Coaching & Rehearsals with five senior leaders. This medical products maker is expected to formally spinoff from its parent company. About 150 supply side analysts and other investors attended between the two cities.

  • Half a dozen vice presidents of this global payments company in Silicon Valley participated in WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Communications Coaching. They represented the global customer operations team.

  • “Sans the Sex, What if a Kavanaugh/Ford-like Incident Strikes Your Organization” appeared in the October issue of CEOWorld. Penned by WPNT Ltd.’s Stephanie Nora White, it addresses what business leaders can learn from it.

■ 3Q18 Highlights


“Amazing learnings.”
market development leader, North America
global science & technology company

“We were awarded the work! The training with you couldn’t have come at a better time. We used it to prepare…including using the message model.
- senior consultant, Europe
professional services firm

”It was phenomenal and completely changed my perspective”
- journalist, financial e-publisher

  • In preparation for a motivational talk circuit with high school students in economically challenged cities, this well-known investor and philanthropist received WPNT Ltd. coaching during rehearsal. His rags-to-riches life story was made famous in an Academy Award-nominated movie.

  • Select members of this international leadership development program representing Mexico, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, and the UAE took part in WPNT Ltd.’s Executive Communications Coaching has they prepare for presentations in 4Q18. The coaching is one component of a year-long professional development program at this global chemical producer.

  • With its acquisition of a European partner, this professional services firm is beginning its evolution as a global player. WPNT Ltd. provided Executive Communications for Teams to help standardize some of the selling processes between leaders of the UK office and members of the healthcare practice. 

  • Wrapping up their summer internships, MBA interns at this worldwide specialty materials company were prepped for their presentations to senior leadership by WPNT Ltd.

  • As it continues its strategy to reposition its accountants and IT leaders as best in class consultants with internal and external stakeholders, WPNT Ltd. worked with ten managers of this asset management company. Four programs were conducted and include team and private coaching components.

  • WPNT Ltd.’s Janice Hayes served as press corps during an Executive Media Training for the Content Expert program for a quartet of journalists.  The reporters are extending their financial consumer website’s brand by serving as subject matter experts on business cable channels.

  • Look for “Helping Kids with Communications Skills in Today’s Screen- Driven World” which will be featured on Nextavenue.org. during October 2018. Authored by WPNT Ltd., the article addresses the obstacles and opportunities in finding ways to teach children interactive communications skills in a tech-dependent world.

■ 2Q18 Highlights

White - WPNTLtd - Image, 7-23-2018.jpg

“The communications training session with WPNT Ltd.

was the most useful I have ever had on the topic. 

Really outstanding.”  

Global business unit leader, medtech


“Game changing. I’m an avid user.”

C-suite executive, technology


  • WPNT Ltd. supported a number of clients during May, a traditionally busy month for investor conferences.  On the west coast, leaders of a technology firm and an asset management firm underwent Executive Communications Coaching & Rehearsals over the course of a month in advance of their meetings.  Elsewhere, a well-known global medtech company’s team of eight senior leaders participated in a similar coaching schedule in anticipation of their New York meeting with investors.  Share price at both public companies rose following the conferences.


  • Having a ‘tsunami of scenarios’ to which participants had to respond, WPNT Ltd. created this specialized program for a Pennsylvania-based energy company called Communicating in Crisis & Controversy.  Four WPNT Ltd. Associates with backgrounds in transportation and improvisation assisted with the day-and-a-half long program.  A round robin of eight crisis scenarios were created involving various stakeholder audiences and venues.  Participants had limited time to message and respond to each one.  One participant, whose Fitbit stress feature was triggered remarked, “Thanks for putting together the incredible training.  This accomplished exactly what I wanted.”


  • Physicians with immunotherapy and organ transplant expertise at this Mid-Atlantic health system participated in an Executive Media Training for the Content Expert program designed by WPNT Ltd.  The doctors not only addressed new disease treatment technologies but are working to raise awareness of living donors as a first option when considering organ transplantation.


  • Continuing its commitment to enhanced communications skills to drive performance, WPNT Ltd. made two visits in the quarter to this Texas investment firm.  Each four-day run Included Executive Communications Coaching, WPNT Ltd.’s predicate program, Communications Clinic for those seeking continuing development in a private setting, and another day for Performance Review Coaching which provides a format for managers to effectively critique their teams.


  • Summer internships for the 2018 roster of MBAs at this global science and technology firm have begun.  Representing Harvard, Michigan and Northwestern, the MBAs kicked off their internships with Executive Presentation Skills Training conducted by WPNT Ltd.  Our firm will support them again two more times this summer.


  • Speaking to approximately 25 graduate students at Northwestern University, WPNT Ltd. addressed crisis communications as a component of the integrated marketing communications program there. In addition, each student was interviewed to better understand the real life pressure of messaging in an emergency.

■ 1Q18 Highlights

White - Article Image - 4 People, 3-22-2018.jpg

“The opportunity to work with you was truly a gift.”  -vice president, investor relations Fortune 300

“This (coaching program) was a game changer for me.”  -consultant, professional services firm


  • WPNT Ltd. provided coaching and rehearsal to almost a dozen senior leaders of this global pharmaceutical company during its annual sales meeting. More than a thousand attendees gathered in Dallas.


  • In advance of his participation at the SXSW conference in Austin, WPNT Ltd. supported this panelist with Executive Communications Coaching & Rehearsal. His remarks and responses focused on balancing quantitative and qualitative information in digital transformations and product development.
  • WPNT Ltd. conducted a strategy session for a professional services client for the formal roll out of a new service category. The session focused on audience analysis and product differentiators and benefits.
  • Effective Communications for the Written & Spoken Word is a new WPNT Ltd. workshop for staff and aspiring professionals. Despite the ubiquity of email, few have been counseled on how to maximize its effectiveness. This intensive and interactive workshop provides the architecture and skill-building for improved emails and spoken communications with supervisors.
  • “What if Trump Led Rather than Bullied, Blamed and Boasted?” That’s the title of a commentary in CEOWorld by WPNT Ltd.’s Stephanie Nora White. The piece is a cautionary tale for business leaders about the importance of developing and protecting credibility. “Teaching our Kids to Talk in a Screen Driven World: Practice” also authored by Stephanie emphasizes the urgent need to ensure practice opportunities in everyday life for children. 
White -Bruce J. Zanca - Headshot, 3-27-2018.png
  • WPNT Ltd. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Bruce J. Zanca. Bruce is an award-winning strategist, message architect and consultant. He has counseled C-Suite and corporate board members on investor relations, crisis communications and corporate marketing issues. He worked as a C-suite executive himself at four publicly traded businesses; assisting three of them to complete initial public offerings and helping to bring one public company private. Bruce served as a White House spokesperson and advisor to three presidential administrations.