2 & 3Q19 Highlights


-worldwide business consultancy managing partner

We’re pretty sure that quote was meant as a compliment and we humbly accept it. The executive underwent WPNT Ltd. Executive Communications Coaching & Rehearsal in New York for a keynote speech to 300 C-suite leaders. That was just one engagement of a busy second and third quarter. It also saw the roll-out of new programs as well as overseas travel to support clients. Also, we’ve come up with an alternative to the dreaded word ‘boss.’ Read on.

Quarterly Highlights


HEY BOSS…Time for a name change

At Long Last, a Meaningful Alternative

Never before have so many new words entered the English lexicon at such rapid speed.

Inspired largely by the never-ending proliferation of technology in our lives and a rash of national political and social movements, we now have “political words of the year,” “digital words of the year,” and even “WTF words of the year.” New words in 2018 included “mansplainer.” Read about word-evolutions.



The nature conservancy

With the impacts of climate change more apparent and troubling everyday, habitat preservation is a focus of giving by WPNT Ltd.

Read more about the important work of one organization working to protect lands, water and species, through business collaboration, making for a greener and healthier planet.

Giving Back


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